Void Vortex

This Site Last updated: 25 March 2017

This site serves a simple purpose, which is showing random stuff I have created to the world! I tend to do a wide variety of things, and they usually end up right here. These consist out of silly things most of the time, though occasionally I will create something that is quite useful. That being said, sometimes I don't even finish a project at all. This isn't often, but if I lack any more ideas on how to go forth I put it on hold. You can find these projects on the special dump page, which isn't organised very well and free to be explored. The page can be found here. See it as a reward for actually reading this. Older versions of some of the projects I have worked on can be found there as well, allowing you to see what I changed over time.

Myself Last updated: 25 March 2017

My name is Tristan Volk (@UnlitedOwns), I am an aspiring game-something. Most likely a designer or producer. That being said, I should say that I really like doing anything technical with computers. Such as video editing, running servers, making games, photoshopping pictures, running online radios, editing audio and interacting with other people.

I'll start by talking a little bit about me and my history. When I was 14 years old I created my first Minecraft server, to play on with my friends. It was quite challenging at first, as I had no idea how to set it up. The Dutch YouTube had no clear videos, so an English tutorial had to do. After some initial struggles, I figured it out and it was then that I decided to make my own tutorial in Dutch, which turned out be quite a success. Looking back, it's probably one of the most cringy videos I have ever made. That being said I didn't understand the security risk I was being exposed to by sharing my IP.

When I started to play on my own server I realised how much fun it was to be able to play in an open world with friends, making our own rules and stories. I thought that making a public server with the help of my friends would be fun, as we could then create that same experience we had, with a bunch of random people! Needless to say, I had much to learn. A lot of failed, griefed servers later I created my first "successful" server called 'NatureRing'. I kept it online for about 3 months whilst it was running on my computer at home. I stopped the server when Minecraft released version 1.3, not necessarily because of the update, but due to the responsibility. I had to update the server, and sacrifice my own internet so others could have a nice time on the server.

At the time I used to enjoy playing Battlefield 3 a lot. I played with my friend, whom I met over a sick RPG Helicopter take-down in-game, and we'd record videos for YouTube that I would then turn into montages. He told me about how cool my server was, which slowly resulted in me regretting to shut it down in the first place. A few months later, I started a new server called 'SkyWars'. I advertised for it a little on some Minecraft websites and had some of my players from NatureRing return and play on this new server, considering it was still hosted on my PC the server IP was the same. On December 31st I had gotten my first donation, which inspired to work harder, as I didn't want to let them down. Not long after that, more followed and I had quickly made around $100 USD in one month. Stunned with the amount of money at the time, I decided to rent a server from an online host and made a 'Skyblock' server, that what NatureRing had and I missed. I now had one server hosted online and the other still running at home. Not much later I changed that and got both hosted online, resulting in my internet to return to its former glory. I later decided to create an RPG server - a project which never got finished, however, a name for this server stayed. Ophion. I proceeded to rename my other servers from 'SkyWars' to 'Ophion - SkyWars'. Showing people it was made by the same person.

The story went on and more servers were made. By the time I am writing this, I still run these servers. Known under the name of Ophion. Over 100.000 players have joined over time, making me proud to have started it all. Through this process I matured and learned a lot, it developed me into who I am today.