Void Vortex


Here I go over all the JavaScript projects I have created. Some I am proud of, others not so. The ★ means it was a fun and complex project which I enjoyed doing, whilst the ☆ means it was rather easy/silly and not one of my proudest achievements. Projects are organised from best to worst, based on my opinion.

★ Secret Message Last updated: 22 December 2016

I had made this site as I was interested in creating my own version of a secret message generator. Working with a new area of JavaScript I hadn't used before. It turned out to be pretty interesting. The first version was released in March 2015 and in August 2015 more abilities were added.

★ Decrypt Tool Last updated: 17 October 2016

A thought came to mind whilst walking around, instead of attempting to crack a secret message manually - why not have a program that does it for you? For this I got back in to coding for a couple of days and got it to work, and it looks pretty too. I am quite proud of this complex project.

★ Grade Checker Last updated: 10 August 2015

I made this site when I was thinking about how I could calculate the minimum grade I could get to pass. I had to type over all the numbers over and over in to a calculator and then divide it by.. you get what I mean. Therefore I created this site, you only need to fill in all the numbers once and save it. Instead of spending 3 minutes filling it all out, I spent hours coding a tool! It was made during school exams I had in 2014 and improved over time.

★ Unlited Games Last updated: 14 August 2015

This was my very first coding project and I must've started it somewhere in October 2014. I made it while following tutorials on lynda.com and slowly started to get a hang of things. I recoded and added CSS to it August 2015. The site allows the user to create a fake-bank account and play a few games in the casino.

☆ Moodsong Last updated: 10 August 2015

This was made after a friend of mine gave me the suggestion to create a site which gives you a song depending on your mood. It didn't quite turn out exactly how I expected it to, as the playlist is very limited, which is a shame. I made this April 2015. I don't like this project.

☆ Punnycat Last updated: 10 August 2015

This is probably one of the weirdest and most random things I've made, it is nothing more than a database with around 100 puns. It can display them at random as well as on number. It was created February 2015 after somebody suggested I created a 'Cat that tells puns'. The site was greatly improved coding-wise August 2015. Searching and storage was made much better.