I'm Tristan Volk:

UI/UX Designer,

Web Developer,

Community Manager,

Game Designer,

Video Editor,

and more

What I do
As a UI/UX designer, I create wireframes and mockups that match the needs of the product while keeping the user experience in mind. Using Adobe Photoshop, I construct mockups close to the final product, which allows me to apply feedback early in development.

In addition to understanding the principles of good UI/UX design, I also have the technical knowledge to turn these into a reality using my experience in front-end site development and Unreal UMG, including blueprinting.
Have been involved in web development for 3+ years
Managed a game server for 5+ years, reaching over 100,000 users
Created my portfolio site from scratch
Created and managed a verified Discord server
Tell tear-ible puns
About me
I am a Dutch and British X-year-old living in the Netherlands. My passion for creating games started out by customising existing games on servers to make them more enjoyable, growing and leading a small community along the way. Other self-taught hobbies of mine are web development and video editing. I later studied International Game Architecture & Design at (NHTV) Breda University of Applied Sciences. I enjoy making things!
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