Void Vortex

The End of the World Last updated: 9 August 2015

This site was made during a vacation in Bali, Indonesia. Which I worked in free-time and in evenings. It was created August 2015. The site allows the user to generate a random prediction on how the world will end. Some could be real, others are far from. The point of the site? There is none. For the design I was inspired by YouTube.

Ophion Community Last updated: 9 August 2015

This site was created January 2013 - while the layout changed over time, the purpose remained. The site was created to give Minecraft players information about the Ophion servers and giving the already existing players a place to stay in contact with each other.

Magic Code Last updated: 28 February 2016

I made this site in a weekend, I had the idea to have a code site for some time. You'd enter a code and if I had added that code in a PHP database it'd get detected and send the person a specific message and, if included, a continue button going to a specific site. This site idea came to my mind when I was told to 'stand out' with my business cards, imagine scanning/filling in a code you got from my business card. It would then personally greet said person and link them to my portfolio. May sound silly, but I thought it was a nice idea at the time. Since the concept itself is pretty simple, I fancified it a lot. With smooth transitions, lovely moving objects and what not. Try it out! Code 'TEST-TEST-'TEST' will work for example.

Wordify Last updated: 31 December 2016

I thought about redoing my secret message maker, using values for characters. I didn't end up making that. However, later this sparked a new idea in my mind. I could also use this to generate a fixed number that I could use to show the user something that will only appear with a specific word. In this case, you can share a quote or message with a fancy automatically generated background, font and colours. I am very proud of how responsive the site has become, and I also enjoy the visual appeal very much.

Game Picker Last updated: 8 January 2017

My little brother requested a site that'd help him decide what game to play. He used to huse a wheel and fill in some game titles he couldn't choose from. This site imports your Steam library and all you have to do is drag, drop, and go. You can also add custom games incase it's not on your Steam. I'm quite happy with the final results!