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Started ProductionAugust 2019
Duration2 months
RolesWeb Developer, UI/UX Designer
Detailed Info
I have always enjoyed browsing xkcd. I am not sure how it happened exactly, but I very much felt like making a parody site and when I found out the domain was available, it didn't take me long before I wasted invested my time on this silly project.

Mind you, it was certainly fun to develop (most of the time). I made the entire site spread over the course of two months, having really only worked on it at the start and end of those two months.

My drawing skills are by no means great, but I do know how to make a site half decent looking. The site itself has a compelling experimental design, and the content will not be any different. I expect to post random projects, drawings, and silly comics. I do wonder how this project will age...
Why lilxd?
The name lilxd has a lot in common with xkcd! Well, it both being short and containing an x and a d that is... The true nature of the name is very much in reference to the common XD internet expression. Many people consider it the most annoying expression to surface on the internet (till date). In my effort to poke fun of the usage of this expression, I shy away from uppercasing any character and keep it in full lowercase. Making it a little, subtle, xd. A lil' xd if you will. A lilxd.
About me
I am a Dutch and British X-year-old living in the Netherlands. My passion for creating games started out by customising existing games on servers to make them more enjoyable, growing and leading a small community along the way. Other self-taught hobbies of mine are web development and video editing. I later studied International Game Architecture & Design at (NHTV) Breda University of Applied Sciences. I enjoy making things!
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