Ophion Staff Panel
A screenshot of the login verification screen of the staff panel. The user requires a secret code.
The login verification screen of the panel.
Ophion Staff Panelhttps://tristanvolk.com/ophion/staffpanel/
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Started ProductionFebruary 2017
Duration8 months
Tools UsedGIT, Notepad++
RolesWeb Developer, UI/UX Designer
Detailed Info
The Ophion Staff Panel was brought into life to give certain people access to server files without requiring an FTP login or any server know-how. The panel can give a specific user access to certain files only, making it a perfect fit for each user. As soon as changes have been made and the user tries to submit these, a backup of the previous version is made to make sure it can be reverted in case something goes wrong.

Over time more functionality was added to the staff panel, which was formerly named the 'config editor'. One of the added features is the advertisement interface, which can only be accessed by users with permissions. This interface allows the user to receive login details to various sites, giving them the opportunity to make posts. It also comes with a changelog generator; all the user has to do is fill in all changes and it'll be formatted properly for them.

The last feature the user has access to is the reward interface. This allows the user to reward Minecraft usernames for completing a task for example. The user can fill in the username, select the reward type, and then submit it. It'll verify the username in Mojang's database and make sure they have not already received their reward for given type; only then will it actually reward the user.
Try it out
Try out the staff panel at https://tristanvolk.com/ophion/staffpanel/. The secret code you can use to access the test account with is test. You will have access to everything using this account, although this version of the staff panel is a shell of what it once was for demonstration purposes.

Curious to see what this project looked like in the past? There are several older versions available right here.
Video Demonstration
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