The End of the World
A screenshot is seen of the landing page for The World End, with a button on the screen informing the user that it can make a prediction.
The landing page of The World End site.
The End of the World
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Started ProductionAugust 2015
This site is as simple as it gets. You click the button and a random prediction on how and when the world will end is generated for you, including a shareable URL.

The way it works is that it will choose a random category and then send messages from a list within that category in a sequence that makes a little sense... This creates a weird timelapse of events which lead to the destruction of the world. It is far from perfect, but was funny to me at the time.
Video Demonstration
Origin Story
I created this site while I was bored on a holiday with nothing better to do. This was my way to relax, by thinking of ways the world could end using a webpage to serve them to me in random sequences. I also added dates which are relative to when the original prediction was generated. All the information is stored in the URL, which was something I had never really done before at the time. This was one of my earliest web projects and for that reason it is quite basic. No earlier versions of this project are available.
About me
I am a Dutch and British X-year-old living in the Netherlands. My passion for creating games started out by customising existing games on servers to make them more enjoyable, growing and leading a small community along the way. Other self-taught hobbies of mine are web development and video editing. I later studied International Game Architecture & Design at (NHTV) Breda University of Applied Sciences. I enjoy making things!
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